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Shivam Warthi

Since  2017

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Pair Creations Pvt Ltd
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Mentor + Funding
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Pair Creations Private Limited ( is a designing and manufacturing company which focuses on the betterment of the existing physical and digital facilities. The enterprise operates in different sectors such as packaging solutions, logistic solutions, E-commerce, Product manufacturing, Product designing, Industrial designing, Software development, Hardware development and Internet of things. Pair creations has designed 20+ products in different industries.
Product/Service Summary
We currently have ready to execute products for fitness, health and consumer electronics market. The products include workout fitness bands (Detailed workout tracker), Innovative protein supplements, juice bar concepts and beverage makers.

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Consumer Products
Year of Incorporation
Annual Revenue
0-10 lakhs ( INR )
Team Size (Excluding Founders)
1-5 people
The company is seeking expertise for various skillset to make the management team for further execution of the business. This in cludes the CEO, COO, CMO and CFO. Related roles and proposals are listed below. We are also willing to give partnership equity in the company.

Areas Where a Expert Should Come In

  • Business Plan/Model
  • Financial Consulting
  • BootStrapping
  • Angel Funding

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Professional Experience
6-10 years

Education details

Education - Graduate
Institute - BBA from RTMNU
Year - 2018

Members of the founding team

Shivam Warthi - Technology driven and innovation enthusiastic. Carried out operations in various industries in terms of product innovation and marketing. Shivam warthi is responsible for product design and industrial design of the evaluated concepts.
Michael Rubin - Michael Rubin an extremely driven, charismatic, strategic and humble creative Business Development Executive with 24 years of sales & business development experience.

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